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Get Familiar with The Pros and Cons of Different Refrigerator Styles

Refrigerator buyer’s guide suggest that you need to consider the features, size, style, and energy efficiency of every potential refrigerator. Determining the necessary storage space and valuable features required is simple but how can you decide an appropriate and convenient style for your home. Each refrigerator type has its unique pros and cons, so choosing a suitable one is more than a matter of taste.

Decide the refrigerator style on the basis of your family needs including lifestyle, budget, and space limitations. Most popular brand like Frigidaire is the best seller of different refrigerator styles like top freezer, side by side, bottom freezer, French door, and mini size units.

Top freezer


  • Economical price point
  • Fulfils basic needs
  • More alternative in terms of size, price, and color


  • Users need to bend down to grab things from the fridge
  • If your height is short then reaching items stored in the backside of freezer is hard to reach
  • Lacks water and ice dispenser on refrigerator door

Bottom freezer


  • No bending is needed to gain access to grab daily needed refrigerated items
  • Little larger in size than the top freezers
  • Design is simple


  • Costly
  • Heavy items stored in bottom freezer means hunching more to get them, so can be an issue for elderly in the family



  • Items used commonly can be stored at most convenient level, so that everyone in the family can gain access easily
  • Food items in freezer cannot get lost or buried
  • Doors need less space to swing open, so can be best alternative for narrow kitchens
  • Ice and water can be dispensed without opening the door


  • Water and ice dispenser need upkeep
  • Vertical design is good but top freezer side-by-side door styles are wider
  • Lack space for large platters and pans

French door


  • Spacious bins and wide shelves in doors make storing big pitchers, large meats or gallon jugs easy to store
  • Top shelf is adjustable
  • Layout is logical making it easy to see and get necessary things
  • Less chance of food getting spoilt in the back
  • Doors need less room to swing


  • Freezer is at the bottom, so food items placed farther in the back can be difficult but French door refrigerators are available with freezer drawers, which can be pulled out making search easy
  • It is extremely expensive than other styles

Mini or compact unit

Compact fridge is an alternative for those dorm room or small apartment or bedroom or office. This style is the best space saving alternative, which comes with a freezer. Benefits are similar to traditional styles but at the cost of size.

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